Landscaping for Energy Efficiency
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Plant a Tree to Save Some Money
Carefully-positioned trees can save up to 25% of a household's energy usage on heating and cooling. The money spent on trees usually comes back to homeowners in terms of savings within just eight years.

The concepts are simple:

1Leafy trees can provide shade in the summertime, cooling the home considerably. When the leaves are shed in the wintertime, the sunlight passes through.

2Evergreens and shrubs can be used to block out cold winds in the wintertime.

Solid landscaping plans vary based on location. Consult a reputable nursery, or visit these sites for more information:
The Department of Energy's Landscaping Fact Sheet
Figure out what types of tree and shrubs to plant and where to plant them, based on your local climate.

Landscaping for a Healthy Planet
Learn the fundamental principles and steps involved with conservation landscaping.

The Landscaping to Conserve Energy Annotated Bibliography
A detailed list of publications on environmental landscaping.
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