Efficient Lighting
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Some Bright Ideas
Cutting back on inefficient lighting is one of the simplest ways to cut costs and conserve energy.

Follow these easy steps to get started right away:

1Use compact fluorescent light bulbs. They're four times more energy efficient than normal incandescent bulbs, and they last six to ten times longer.

2Open your shades in the daytime to let in natural light. If you're looking for privacy (or a cooler home), use thin, light-colored shades.

3Use focused lighting such as desk lamps to avoid needlessly lighting entire rooms.

4Turn the lights off when a room isn't being used!
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For more information, visit:
Compact Fluorescent Lamps
All you want to know about this incredibly efficient source of light.

Rocky Mountain Institute's Home Energy Brief
A four-page PDF on lighting for people considering new options.

Major Lighting Changes for Pollution Prevention
A short GreenWorks video on how one city cut carbon dioxide emissions drastically by using better lighting.


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