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Weigh Your Options
If global warming, acid rain, smog, asthma, traffic jams, road rage and the like haven't convinced you to use public transportation and foot power to get around, perhaps today's outrageous gasoline prices will.

If you want to save money at the pump, protect the environment, or simply get some exercise, consider one of these methods of getting around:

1Walk. This is the most environmentally-friendly method of transportation. On top of that, it's good for your health.

2Ride a bicycle. Quicker than walking, this way of getting around is also extremely clean and green.

3Take public transportation. Mass transit can be cheap, fast, convenient and stress-free.
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The American Public Transportation Association
Links to local and state transportation websites throughout the United States.

Bike to Work
Resources for bicycle commuters, from riding clubs, to maps, to safety tips and more!

Walk to Work
Describes the benefits to employees and employers from walking to work.

The Pittsburgh Transit
A GreenWorks video about the benefits of public transportation.

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If You Absolutely, Positively Must Drive

The less you drive, the less you pollute. If you absolutely need to use a car, please follow these tips to waste as little gas as possible.

1Organize a carpool. Other people may be headed your way.

2Run several errands at the same time, so you only need to take the car out once.

3Accelerate slowly. Getting up to cruising speed as quickly as you can wastes a lot of gas.

4Cars run most efficiently at 55 mph. Driving faster is less efficient.

5Don't drive an SUV. Use the most fuel-efficient car you can afford.


Tailpipe Tally
Find out exactly how much pollution your vehicle puts into the air — great for comparison shopping.

Driving More Efficiently
More tips on how to drive as efficiently as possible.

The SUV Info Link
Learn the operating costs, environmental concerns and safety concerns associated with SUVs.

Forward Drive
A GreenWorks site on what the future holds for alternative cars, as well as what's already on the market.

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