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Cause for Concern
Residents of Contra Costa County in the San Francisco Bay area of California have long suspected that something in the air may be affecting their health. But without access to accurate air quality information, individuals, environmental groups, government agencies and businesses have had a hard time identifying specific problems, and acting to solve them. Residents felt they had the right and responsibility to know what they and their children were breathing.

Air Toxics Bucket Brigade Photos
Community Involvement
The Air Toxics Bucket Brigade is a program formed by a broad partnership of organizations in order to help community members find out exactly what chemicals are in their air through the use of some simple technology. Volunteer teams of “sniffers” and “samplers” use air pumps attached to bags inside five-gallon buckets to collect air samples whenever people detect a foul odor in the air. These samples are then tested in laboratories to determine which toxins were released at what time in what quantities. The data is compiled into a database that helps satisfy residents’ right to know what they’re breathing in.

Air Toxics Bucket Brigade Photos
Knowledge Is Power
Everyone has a role to play in making sure our air is safe — citizens, corporations and government. Access to accurate information about air quality is a necessary part of this process. The Bucket Brigades have found that businesses and government agencies are more likely to respond to community concerns when they know people are organized and aware about exactly what pollutants their communities are facing. The Bucket Brigades are a great first step in "taking back your air."

Air Toxics Bucket Brigade Photos

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