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Video on the web is easy

Forget about videocassettes and VCRs! At, you can watch over one hundred videos about environmental topics right on your computer screen, while you are connected to the internet.
All of videos have been digitized and stored as computer files on web server computers.

When you select a video listed on our website and click the "Play Video" button on the screen, the video file immediately starts to download from server to your computer. After only a brief wait, the video starts to play on your computer. You just sit back and enjoy it.

Just like other web files that you view in your browser program, the video files that you download will not stay permanently on your computer. You do not have to worry about cluttering up your hard disk.

Video on the web is faster than ever

You may have heard about, or even experienced, frustrating delays when downloading video files at other websites. Relax! uses an exciting new technology, called streaming media, that significantly reduces annoying time delays. With streaming media, you can start watching the video on your monitor after only a short wait, while the video file is still downloading. You can find out more about how streaming media works and other interesting topics at the FAQ.

Getting started

To watch videos on, you will need the RealPlayer, a free software program (called a "browser plug-in") that works with your browser to play video files on your computer. The following Help topics explain how to obtain the current version of the RealPlayer and everything else you need to know to enjoy the videos on

Step 1: Download the Free RealPlayer
Step 2: Install the RealPlayer
Step 3: Select a Video
Step 4: Run a Video

Getting help offers a variety of Help topics in addition to the "getting started" steps listed above. All Help topics are listed as links in the yellow bar at left, on any Help page. Just find the topic you want and click on it!

To watch our videos online, you need Real Player. Don't have Real Player? Download it here for free.