wants to know — what are you going to do with your old license plate?

You heard it here first! If you drive a car in Pennsylvania, you will receive a new license plate within the next two years.

Don't let your license plate be among the potential 9 million tags headed for the trash!

Learn how your license plate can be turned into an innovative product by a creative Pennsylvania company called Littlearth. This 3-minute video produced by Commonwealth Media Services will tell you all about it.

Littlearth Custom License Plate Program
GreenWorks is proud to announce an exciting recycling alternative for your old license plate. PennDOT and the Department of Environmental Protection have teamed up with an innovative Pittsburgh company, Littlearth Productions, to provide Pennsylvanians with the opportunity to recycle old license plates into creative eco-friendly products. Littlearth Productions can give your "dead" PA tag new life by turning it into a cool custom-made purse, journal, photo album or CD holder!

Littlearth's products are sold in boutiques throughout the world and been seen on MTV and such TV shows as Melrose Place, ER, and Caroline in the City. One of more than 130 Pennsylvania companies that manufacture products made from recycled materials, Littlearth demonstrates that it is possible to grow a thriving business built on caring for the environment and doing the right thing.

Do the right thing!
To drive its business principles home, Littlearth Productions will donate $1 to the Environmental Fund for Pennsylvania for every PA license plate that is customized into a cool and fashionable accessory. The Fund, also known as EFP, is a non-profit organization working to educate, promote and broaden the financial support of volunteer based organizations that protect Pennsylvania's environmental health. EFP does not support lobbying, litigation or any political view.

EFP's participating organizations are at work in your own back yard, improving your community's quality of life. To find out more about their efforts, check out their stories right here on or watch the GreenWorks for Pennsylvania television program, both are productions of the Environmental Fund for Pennsylvania.

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