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e are traveling Pennsylvania looking for stories about people and communities taking pride in the numerous outdoor experiences the Commonwealth has to offer. We want to know how Pennsylvanian's treasure their local environment and learn more about the people making a commitment to caring for their neighborhoods, waterways, parks and forests.

Our goal is to influence visitors positively by showing them people at work for a healthy environment, teaching them about unique trekking or paddling experiences in the Keystone State and becoming intimate with Pennsylvania's wild side.

Does anyone hike or paddle unique areas in PA? Take young people on wilderness trips? Band birds? Study Pennsylvania's environmental heritage? Experience the call of the male elk during mating season? Identify birds by their call? If so, we need you to help us teach others about these and many more incredible opportunities within the state.

Outdoor enthusiasts and/or dedicated volunteers who would like to share their story should contact Rough Terrain by e-mail at TalkToUs@GreenWorks.tv or by phone at 215-545-5880. The following items should be included in your e-mail: your name, phone number, and a description of your passion for PA's environment. Unfortunately, we cannot accept every story we receive; so, we will review all entries and notify you whether or not our staff selected your story.

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