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  Ken Manno — Basically sustainable forestry is conserving the forest resource, not just talking timber, it is wildlife, air quality and water quality, it is all encompassing. Essentially what we are trying to do is ensure that future generations will have the same opportunities that we are experiencing because of this forest resource…
Dave Henry — If you were looking at this site and it was not being managed from a sustainable site the majority of the trees you see over fourteen inches would have been harvested and what would be left would be the trees from 4-12" in diameter, low value, minor species, poorly formed, no wildlife considerations, probably would not be seeded in any shape or form and the sustainability of the site would be severely compromised in terms of reproduction because you are removing the best seed sources...
  Ken Manno — One of the areas that BMP's benefits is much more long term oriented. An example would be a landowner to think in terms of getting as much money off of this harvest as I can. They will take this approach, getting a few more dollars now and really what they are doing in some cases is sacrificing multiple harvests down the road…they take the good quality stuff off and it sets the stand up for poor quality.
  Dave Henry — The sustainable forestry practices here are designed to evaluate the soils, look at the trees protect what needs to be protected and harvest the site that could be harvested and have a potential for reproduction. Obviously with sustainable forestry we want to ensure that what we are doing is sustainable that is we are not losing something, at least maintaining or improving some component of the forest.
  Jim Finley — Associate Professor PSU School of Forest Resources
We estimate there are over 5,000 products that come from the forest and so each one of us in our daily lives takes from the forest. We take something. Very few of the things you deal with on a daily basis aren't linked to the forest...
  Dave Henry — Dave gives an overview of the logging history in Pennsylvania and how it affected the trees we have today as well as the threats to our forests today.

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