The following links are to videos of the GreenWorks television series that feature real people who are helping in numerous ways to reduce the amount of trash in our wastestream. You will be able to view these videos on you computer with RealPlayer. If you do not have RealPlayer download it now. Free RealPlayer download here.

    Choose to Reuse features the following segments:

    Old Clothes - See how a company in Scranton uses old clothes to help people in need around the world.
    Surplus Food - Learn how the non-profit Philabundance uses surplus food from restaraunts and caterers to feed the hungry
    Junk Sculptor - See Leo Sewell use trash and found objects to create art.
    Rags to Rugs - See Rebecca Francis use rags and fabric scraps to weave wonderful rugs.
    Barn Saver - Learn how John High salvages wood from old barns and uses it again to make new houses and furniture.
    Parts to PC - Watch how a company in PA uses parts from old computers again in numerous ways.

    Many items that you might ordinarily throw away can be put to another use. Visit this interactive website and learn having fun.

    Buy Recycled features the following segments:

    Recycling Center - See a recycling center in action and learn the importance of using it again before you recylcle.
    Closing the Loop - Learn how a company in PA recycles paper.
    Recycled Products - See products made in PA from recycled materials.
    Remaking Clothes - See how New Threads makes old clothing into new cloth.

    Turning in cans, bottles, newspaper and other items is only half of recycling, and the other half is buying products
    made from recycled products. In this show, GreenWorks shows you some of the products available to you, made from recycled products.
    More than 130 Pennsylvania companies now manufacture products made from recycled materials.

    Recycling - This half hour program features Pennsylvanians in rural and urban areas doing their part to make
    recycling programs successful. This program spotlights ways to go beyond separating your trash to achieve greater benefits
    for the environment.

    Home Products Get a Second Life — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - Construction Junction, a project of the
    Pennsylvania Resources Council, is a store in Pittsburgh that resells appliances and construction materials salvaged from
    old homes or left over from renovation.

    Use It Again PA! — Check out these two 30 second spots promoting the Use it Again, PA website
    Use it Again, PA Public Service Announcement 1
    Use it Again, PA Public Service Announcement 2

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