It happens when it rains…someone's street floods…someone's basement gets wet - and someone calls their municipality to ask what's being done. Summer brings more calls: concerns about wells or streams drying up. Municipalities and residents are asking the question, "What can be done?"

The runoff comes from impervious surfaces, which also prevent rainfall from soaking into the ground. Increased runoff means more flooding. Decreased infiltration means less groundwater for wells and streams. The problems are all connected!

The solutions are connected too, and they involve looking at stormwater as a resource.

Municipalities may be unfamiliar with stormwater Best Management Practices, or BMPs. This series describes what BMPs are and where each is effective. Armed with this understanding (and provided with sources for additional information!), you can begin to promote BMPs to reduce runoff, improve water quality and encourage infiltration. With BMPs in place, you'll have the answer to the question of what's being done - you'll be doing it!

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