The GreenWorks television show was started by the Environmental Fund of Pennsylvania in 1997. Since that time the program has told the stories of hundreds of Pennsylvanians working to improve their environment and quality of life.

Watch one of our GreenWorks television shows, choose a link below. To watch GreenWorks documentaries, and other videos, visit our Program Guide.

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Think Globally, Eat Locally
Faces of the Farm

Air Quality
Protecting Air Quality
Transportation and the Environment
Clearing the Air

Environmental Education
Happy Campers
Go Out! Environmental Education Centers
The Environmental University
Youth Action
The Environmental Classroom
Environmental Education
Environmental Careers
Erie and Its Environment

Green Building/Environment at Home
Well-Built, Green Built
Pennsylvania's First Green Building: The South Central Regional Office Building of the PA Department of Environmental Protection
Home, Green Home
The Eco-Logical Home

Choose to Reuse
The Recycling Loop: Buying Recycled
Buy Recycled

Land Use
Livable Communities
Preserving Our Natural Environment
Environment in the 21st Century
Shaping Our Communities
Land Use
Southwest Pennsylvania Special
  Pollution Prevention
Raycing the Sun
Pollution: Solutions and Results
Energy Efficiency
Environment at Home
Pollution Prevention
Governor's Awards for Environmental Excellence

Waste Management
Less is More
Choose to Reuse
Dealing With Waste

Water Quality
Our Watersheds Part 2
Pennsylvania, A River Sojourn
Our Watersheds Part 1
From the Bay to PA

Protecting Our Watersheds
Protecting our Watersheds II
Touch the Water

Highlights of the Fifth/Sixth Season
Any Given Earth Day
Protecting Our Children's Health
And the Award Goes To...
Highlights of the Fourth Season
Return of the Raptor
Enviro-tone News
Highlights of the Third Season
Gabrielle's Excellence Adventure
Highlights of the Second Season
GreenWorks Variety Show
GreenWorks in the City
Highlights of the First Season

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