We are always searching for ways to better our lives. This has been a constant throughout the centuries. However, in more recent years, people have focused their energy into solving environmental problems and concerns. This site focuses on the modern day problem solvers dedicated to sustaining and improving the quality of our health and natural resources. Watch change in progress through these innovative stories.

Pittsburgh Paints/Air Products, Inc.
In the past, Volatile Organic Compounds were used in paint. Today, industries are working to eliminate the use of these chemicals in products to improve air quality. Pittsburgh Paint (PPG) and Air Product Inc. have come up with a new line of paint with Zero VOC's.
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The Environmental Education Center at the Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum
How can society continue to grow without using up all of our natural resources? Issues of environmental responsibility are addressed by the many people who helped to construct this building with green technology.
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Green Roof
See one man's suggestion in preventing storm water run off from households and businesses. A simple solution to a complicated issue, green roofs help to restore the natural hydraulic cycle on an artificial surface.
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The Delaware Riverkeeper
Meet a woman and her team of volunteers who figured out ways to keep our rivers healthier. With a little help from these individuals, nature can repair itself from the damage made from site disturbance.
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EPA's Student Environmental Development Program
How can we get children involved in today's environmental issues? See what curriculum teachers are using to help spread the word and how kids plan to use their new knowledge.
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  PPG Industries
Read about the other products that PPG Industries manufactures, ranging from paint to glass.
Andropogon Associates
Landscaping is an important component in green architecture. Learn more on what this company does to contribute to sustainable design.
Air Products
This link takes you to the company that collaborated with PPG to create a zero VOC paint.
This site will tell you everything you need to know about green roofs.
The Rachel Carson Homestead
Learn about the woman who inspired many people to make environmental changes.
This link will take you to the Student Environmental Development Program Page.
Susan Maxman & Partners LTD
Learn more about the architects that designed the education center at the Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum.
Delaware Riverkeeper
Go to this site and learn more about the Delaware Riverkeeper network.
Cusano Environmental Education Center
Get more inside information on the construction of this green building.

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