A drought can happen at any time — and it affects you more than you may think. Our videos and audio reports will you understand how you can lower the impact of droughts for yourself and the environment.


Safe Drinking Water Webcast
Live webcast on contamination problems in private wells, springs and cisterns.

Update on Pennsylvania Drought Conditions Webcast
Listen to Pennsylvania Officials discuss current drought conditions, and what would be required under Pennsylvania’s new drought regulations if the state moves into a drought emergency.

Water Conservation Tips
Watch this quick, 3-minute refresher video on some of the things you can do to save water. From taking shorter showers to installing a tank dam in your toilet, there are easy ways we can all pitch in with water conservation.

Drought Lawn and Garden Care
Learn the right way to take care of your plants and lawn during a drought.

Drought Emergency Press Conference
On July 31st, 1999, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge declared a "Drought Emergency" in 54 Pennsylvania Counties. Watch the press conference and learn about the actions implemented by this declaration.

Well Water Drought (Video)
Learn about private wells and how they're affected during a drought.

Watershed Weekly Videos

Our National Watersheds: Drought

Pennsylvania's Water Resources
More Information about Pennsylvania's Water Resources

Monitoring Groundwater Resources

When the Well Runs Dry (Video)

GreenWorks Radio Stories

Movie Corn, September 4, 2002
Making corn look good for the movies.

Wildfires, August 26, 2002
Summer normally gives Pennsylvania's wilderness firefighters a break, but not this year.

Porous Pavement, August 20, 2002
Recharging groundwater supplies through a permeable road surface.

Whiskey is for drinking, July 20, 2002
State officials hope to find a way to better manage Pennsylvania's water resources.

Water Slides, May 30, 2002
The extended drought in Eastern Pennsylvania is not going unnoticed by amusement parks that rely on water for their success.

Rainfall, March 29, 2002
This week's significant rainfall has different impacts on different areas of the state.

Trout Stocking, March 27, 2002
This year the state will stock 3.8 million fish in streams and lakes for trout season. That's a 27 percent reduction from last year.
March 27, 2002

Drought, March 15, 2002
The drought conditions that have been plaguing Pennsylvania this winter show every indication of continuing through the Spring.

Dry Wells, February 13, 2002
Pennsylvania Residents who rely on private residential wells could be hard hit by extended drought conditions in the state.

A Flurry of Concern, February 4, 2002
Ski resorts in the Pocono Mountains may be forced to cut down on snow production if drought conditions worsen.

Dry Grapes, December 24, 2001
This summer's drought caused problems for many farmers in Pennsylvania, but couldn't have been better news for the state's wine grape growers.

Drip Dry, December 11, 2001
With a handful of exceptions, every county in Pennsylvania is under a drought advisory.

More Information:
Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection Drought Information Center

The Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency (PEMA)

Water Saver Home
Learn what you can do to reduce water use in your home — take a virtual tour of this Water Saver Home developed by the California Urban Water Conservation Council in partnership with EPA.

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