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Real People Make House-Calls: Wilma Cowden

Wilma runs a “mobile monitoring” program in Washington County. Simply put, Wilma drives through her community with scientific equipment in the back of her minivan, conducting tests on the
health of various waterways.

When first on the move, Wilma took samples from just three sites. Now, through a recently received grant and other help from DEP, she keeps tabs on as many as 20 sites. Her mobile monitoring is making a difference, not only by identifying areas that need help, but also documenting the positive impact of all the cleanup efforts in Washington County.

Being on the road can be grueling, but Wilma knows that the health of our rivers and streams is important — both for wildlife and for our own drinking water. With this in mind, Wilma is determined in her desire to create a healthier environment.

Watch this archived video online with Real Player. If you do not have Real Player, click here to download it for free.

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